The United States has over 250 million people of voting age.

Fewer Polling Locations.

Budget cuts have reduced the number of polling locations across the country. During the 2016 election,
116,990 polling locations served the nearly 140 million voters that turned out to the polls1 and thousands
of those have been closed since2, continuing the trend of recent years. In some parts of the country, voters
had to drive over 100 miles in order to obtain the identification required in their constituency in order to
vote or to cast a ballot in person.

Some voters must choose between
a paycheck and casting a ballot.

ElectionSuite™ will change that.

What if elections could be run more efficiently, cost less, AND make voting more
accessible while maintaining the integrity of the process? It is possible and we can help.

On average, ElectionSuite will save between 40% and 60% on costs during an
 election year. And it will be more accessible and facilitate increasing voter participation.