Long Lines. Low Turnout. Limited Budgets. Solved.

Fast, Accurate and Secure: Use ElectionSuite for your Next Election

Is your ballot voting system outdated? If so, you may be seeing increased costs, additional hires for your IT staff, long polling lines, and trouble getting all votes counted. And that’s all on top of the public safety concerns caused by COVID-19!

The Future of Election Technology is Now

Secure, accurate voting is here, and it’s in your voters’ pockets.

As an election administrator, we know some of your concerns include:

  1. Voting machines that are aging out and will need to be replaced.
  2. Election audits to ensure accuracy are vital. You need a paper trail.
  3. You keep adding to your IT staff when you’d rather reduce those expenses. 

ElectionSuite is the answer, an easy, accurate, and SECURE voting app for smartphones. Be the leader who brings your district up to date with ElectionSuite!

The Solution to Your Election Challenges


Every outdated electronic voting machine is a point of vulnerability to the integrity of your election results. And each one of those is a doorway into your whole system. ElectionSuite will lock down your vital voting data, protecting your votes and your voters.

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Long Lines

As budgets get cut and ballot machines break down, polling places are seeing record lines. It’s only gotten worse in the last few elections. There are fewer polling places with fewer machines. With ElectionSuite, there is no line!

Voter Turnout

The United States is having a voter turnout problem. Our turnout is significantly lower than other democratic, modern countries. Rural voters don’t have access to nearby polling places. Some voters have to choose between working and voting. Long lines turn voters away. ElectionSuite increases voter turnout.

The “Paper” Trail

Across the nation, election administrators are calling for systems that have a paper trail. More and more elections are going to a recount. Audits are more important than ever but what if those audits were automatic and ready to go, instantly? That’s what ElectionSuite will do for your elections.


Accessibility features are built right into smartphones, making ElectionSuite voting more accessible than any other option out there. Accessibility plays an important role in ensuring proper voter turnout and helping each voter execute their right to vote.

Soaring Costs

Are your costs getting out of control due to equipment breakdowns and fixes, recounts, and increased IT staff? Most administrators are also looking to cut back on unnecessary waste. ElectionSuite helps reduce both costs and waste.