Pricing & Election Budgets

Help Control Public Funding of Elections

As you know, budgets for public elections are not simple. The money flows through several levels of government, including state, country, district, and city.  The complexity is compounded by the dozens of counties in your state. Throw in the Federal laws and regulations, and you have quite the financial puzzle to piece together.

You also have to fund all of the preparation for election day, including registering voters and maintaining that database of voters.

Some states, like Alaska, Colorado, Florida, and others cover the costs of both state and federal elections. In other states, they reimburse counties for election costs.

How much are states paying for elections?

Some states have strict per voter reimbursement to counties. Arizona, for example, pays $1.25 per active registered voter -- although the Secretary of State has the ability to override that budget to ensure a smooth election.

Factors that go into calculating the actual costs to hold elections include:

  • Balloting equipment and maintenance on that equipment
  • Hiring and training local election officials
  • Paper ballots and postage for mail-in ballots

According to Ballotpedia, the cost for a county to administer a local election can range from $5,000 on the low end to over $200,000 on the higher end. Most counties tend to spend about $2-5 per vote cast. A study by MIT and Caltech found states are paying about $10/voter.

ElectionSuite Pricing

What if you could eliminate security headaches, maintenance nightmares, and staffing overruns for less than what your district is paying per voter today? That’s ElectionSuite!

So, how does the cost of a voting app compare to what election districts and states are paying for standard paper and mail-in ballots? ElectionSuite is priced to save your state and county money while helping you budget properly - no more guessing or hoping. 

Where ElectionSuite helps to reduce costs:

  • Postage on mail-in ballots, both to the voter and back
  • Paper for printed ballots, instructions, and information
  • Polling operations, including machines, staff, location, etc.
  • Vote counting and recounting
  • Audits

With ElectionSuite, you pay a base management fee and add voters (users) 500 at a time for a flat rate. ElectionSuite will eliminate nearly all of your hard costs, save your district’s budget, all while making voting faster and easier.

When you compare the operational costs of running elections to the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of ElectionSuite, you’ll understand why this is the future of elections in the United States.

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