Voting Security Worthy of “We the People”

Protecting Our Democracy and Your Elections

ElectionSuite secures your elections and protects your results. Older voting machines are the number one point of vulnerability in our current voting systems. We’ve already seen foreign countries hacking into these machines and into county election systems. 

Read the current headlines:

  • “America faces a voting security crisis in 2020”
  • “Russia Targeted Election Systems in All 50 States, Report Finds”
  • “Russian-owned company caught trying to hack Ohio voting systems on Election Day”
  • “Russia hacked state databases and voting machine companies”

Headlines like those are what keep election administrators up at night. So, how are you locking down your voting systems?

The ElectionSuite Vault

The smartphone is a vulnerable point of entry for hackers. How do we close that door? Take security out of the smartphone and give it to county election managers.

  • We give election managers full control of voter verification.
  • Ballots are electronically tied to verified voters.
  • We block foreign internet traffic while allowing our overseas military and other workers access.
  • A secure, digital, archive of ballots is available to election administrators.

Digital Security for Electronic Voting

ElectionSuite uses the most current methods of digital security, from encryption in the app to fully secure infrastructure. But, security goes deeper than relying on existing technology. Our proprietary algorithms ensure constant monitoring and auditing of voting and results to ensure accuracy and security.

We also work with governmental agencies and other groups to stay current on voting security issues, pending threats, and best practices. With ElectionSuite, the integrity of your election is secure...guaranteed!

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